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Friday, 27 July 2012

Demi Lovato Merchandise For Less

                      Demi Lovato Merchandise For Less! Demi Photo Frames

So for those Lovatics out their with lots of pics of Demi but not very many poster, this ones for you.
I made this Demi collage out of magazine clippings.  So if you want to make ones of these all you will need is a photo frame and some pics of Demi. I absolutely love this one because it is inspirational and it has all my favourite pics of Demi, MC D Love, old Demi with black hair and of course Demi from the Skyscraper video which also happens to be one of my all time favourite pics of Demi. Then it had Demi Stay Strong tattoos and Love Is Louder then the pressure to be perfect. All together I think they look amazing specially since all the pics have blue in them, I would recommend trying to find pics with they same colours since photo frames generally aren't that big so you will only need a couple of pics. Also I love this one because it goes super well with the decor in my room.

Another pic of the Demi photo frame showing more of the photo frame lol

So here is another Demi photo frame I LOVE this one because It has Demi and dogs(not that I'm a big animal person, but its still cute). Oh and I LOVE this frame so much & the best part is that it coasted $4. Hence the Demi merchandise for less. So this was the only pic I could find that would fit the frame lol I went through like 500 pics of Demi so it was strange that I could only find this one but anyways It was good because I have 2 copy's of the People magazine that this came out of so I still have the whole article. :)

& Here are the two photo frames together. Ahh I Love them!
If you have any question just tweet me @DemiMerchandise

ps I live in New Zealand, so I didn't think there was any point telling you were I bought the frames but if you really want to know ( if you are a New Zealand Lovatic) tweet me @demiMerchandise

Stay Strong x
Demi Lovato exact Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs bag!

So Below is a candid of Demi out about in LA, in a car park. So why am I posting this pic well I thought I would talk about the bag Demi is wearing in this pic. So Yes I do own this bag that's in the pic and yes I do Love it.

Every day will be picture perfect when you carry the Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy camera bag. Constructed of luxe buffalo leather, it features an exterior slip pocket and three interior slip and zip pockets for organizational ease.
Note: I did not write this it came off the website I bought it from.

So here is a pic off my bag.
So the second i Saw Demi wearing this bag, I just loved it. Then one day I was on Demi Style Source I came across this bag for sale on endless.com and when I saw that they ship to NZ, I just had to buy it. I mean It was a Demi exact that I could keep and use forever. I was even more happy when I saw how much she used it in 2011.
The brand is Marc By Marc Jacobs, as it says in the picture with New York below it.
So if you are wanting to buy this bag its called Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Leather Camera Bag, at a cost of $278 which is quite cheap as when it first came out (more then a yea ago) it was $375. Because this bag came out in Marc Jacobs collection awhile ago, the colour black is no longer available (online).
Here are so more pictures of Demi using the bag through 2011-2012

As you can see she uses this bag Allot! If you go look at the candids of Demi in 2011 you will see this is the bag she uses the most. You can see she has had this bag for a long time as her hair has changed colour in most of the pics.

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
There are a lot more candids of Demi using this bag but I thought I would show these ones because you can see the bag really well.

So here is another picture of my mine with the Marc Jacobs pouch that the bag comes with to keep it clean. 
If you are wondering I did pay for this bag myself as I have a part time job
it is my first time buying something so expensive(I'm 17 lol) and I had to pay NZ
dollar for it.
So if you are wanting to buy this bag, here are some facts about it that come from the website I bought it off.

So here is a professionally taken pic of the Marc By Marc Jacobs Bag

So where can you buy this bag, Well Endless.com has this bag for sale (in the colour stone) and after doing some research I also found the Barneys New York also has the bag for sale for the same price of $278 on there website in the same colour. After searching I could not find it for sale anymore in the same colour as Demi's & mine (black) sorry. But as this bag is so cute anyways I think the sand colour is great as well.
So here are the facts about the bag.
  • Leather
  • Logoed lining (Which makes the bag look more expensive)

Item Details:
  • 6.25" high
  • 9.25" wide
  • 2.25" deep
  • 19.5" shoulder drop

  • Zipper closure
  • Strap is adjustable from a drop of 15.5'' to 23.5''

  • So here is one last pic of Demi with this bag :)
    If you have any Q just ask or if you want to see a pic of inside the handbag I would be happy to show you one. :)
    PS Don't You just love Demi's Style and If you want to know where you can find more of Demi's cloths go cheek out DemiStyleSource.com

    Demi exact Feather Necklace

    This is my necklace. Same as the Demi's.
    So this is a feather necklace from Urban Outfitters that Demi has. The necklace is a rusty gold colour and has a long chain with 11 ombre white and brown/orange feathers hanging of it. You can see she is wearing this necklace above and below. I got this shipped to me from urban outfitter website for I think $35. I bought this necklace in 2011 so I'm not sure if UO still sells it.

    Demi wearing the necklace

    Demi Lovato at Kim Kardashian's bridal shower wearing feather necklace.

    Demi out bowling with UO necklace on.

    Note: I LOVE Demi's style and get a lot of inspiration from it. So if I find something on a website that Demi has and can ship to NZ, I most of the time buy it. I really highly recommend buying Demi exacts since Demi does not wear that many expensive things and there is just something about having the same cloths/jewellery as Demi that makes me really happy. I do get that its not some Lovatics thing... But I wanted to show some Demi exacts that have shipping world wide, as you can find alot of the staff Demi wears in the US but they do not ship to other country, so this is 1 item that does. So I'm not trying to brag.

    Want more Demi exacts and Inspirations go cheek out OutfitIdentifier.com or or DemiStyleSource.com

    Friday, 13 July 2012

    Stay Strong/Demi Lovato bracelets

    Stay Strong & Demi Lovato wristbands in lilac Purple & black writing  and in black with purple writing. They come in thin band and a thick band (you choice) I choose thin because you can get thick Stay Strong bracelets from DemiStyleSource. I have to say I like these better with the thin band and also the fact that the other side say Demi Lovato. Now for the best bit about these bracelets the price. You can buy these 2 wristbands for I think around $7.50 + free shipping, they are not for sale separately so you will get the black & purple bracelets as a combo. which is a big plus since DemiStyleSource bracelets are $7 for one + like $5 shipping.
    You can buy these of Ebay just search Demi Lovato/Stay Strong wristband.

    #Note: The person selling these on Ebay has just added a new Bracelets LOVE IS LOUDER THEN THE PRESSURE TO BE PERFECT! which I bought today they only come in thick band which I don't like that much but I so excited about this wristband because they have a copyright on the Love is Louder so I don't know how long these will be selling for as they really should not be selling them. BTW these bracelets come in Blue & Purple I got the purple and I will post a blog on it when they come.
    Till then tweet me at @DemiMerchandise

    Thursday, 5 July 2012

    My Demi Lovato CD Collection

    My CD Collection ( Updated)
    This also have DVD as well as CD. I do have more CD them this but the disc look the same so there not in the pics.

    My CD Collection (Not Updated)
    So these are the Demi CD I own Hehe. I took this picture last year, so I have quite a few more but I'm to lazy to take a New Picture( Lol changed my mind decided to do an updated pic) . Below is a picture I found of someone else CD collection and after seeing it I went & got the ones that I'm missing so I now have the all the CD with  the hearts on them, I also have a few CD that arn't shown in any pictures.

    Btw I don't buy Demi CD's that she has only 1 song in eg We the Kings,Jonas Brother, HCR, Disney CD ect.. So that's why I thought you would like to see this picture.
    Not my cds but this pic looks so cool.

    Note: I never buy the same CD so all of the CD In the top photo are different even though some of them look the same but they prob have extra songs on them or there singles.

    If you have any question on the names of the CD of where they come from,  just comment below or ask me on my twitter @DemiMerchandise as the photos does not show the names very well.