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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lovatic Heart Tattoo

    Quick twitter note: If you need to ask me a question about Merchandise or whatever and want a reply on twitter ASAP tweet me on my main/personal twitter @StrongDLovatic which I have my phone send me all tweets too so I will reply fast. As for @DemiMerchandise you can still tweet me on there but Im not really going on @DemiMerchandise as much so Im slow at replying.

If you have a Demi/ Lovatic tattoo I would Love to see it! tweet me at @DemiMerchandise or @StrongDLovatic :D

 So I know I have not done a post in months because I kind of gave up in this Demi blog but its now the summer holidays in NZ so I have heaps of time and thought Maybe I would start up again? Comment down below if you want to see more post because IDK anymore if anyone cares of whatever lol anyway I thought I would post a pic of the tattoo I got along time ago (Yes the one I talked about in my last blog post months ago.

So this is it I got it on Demi's birthday! It was really special because she was turning 20 on the 20th and then in 20 days I would have my 18th birthday! So 20years/ 20th /20days I just thought that was cool.
I got it behind my ear, just in a place were I can see it in the mirror I love it so much! The pic does not do it justice because It was hard to take a picture of behind my ear.